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EXCEL Marketing List

Making your sales and marketing that much easier

About this Dispensary List

This dispensary list is perfect for those looking to save 100s of hours of time and easily market your products or services to dispensaries across the USA.

All data is compiled from across the web from websites such as Google and dispensary listing websites. You can easily import these addresses into a direct mailing software or have your sales team reach out directly via phone or email.

We do not collect information that is not publicly available.

You can expect this list to be up to date with the current addresses and company info.

(Last update made on 12.02.19)

Data Included:

  • 24 States (Medical & Recreational)

  • 3,492 Dispensaries, Addresses, and Phone Numbers

  • 3,345 Website Addresses (Including duplicates from chain dispensaries)

  • 2,740 Emails (Including duplicates from chain dispensaries)

States Included

Oregon (559 Dispensaries, 546 Websites, 513 emails), Colorado (704 Dispensaries, 693 websites, 620 emails), Washington (418 Dispensaries, 417 Websites, 276 Emails), California (417 Dispensaries, 406 Websites, 196 emails), Oklahoma (582 Dispensaries, 482 websites, 484 emails), Ohio (37 Dispensaries, 37 websites, 31 emails), Rhode Island (3 Dispensaries, 3 websites, 2 emails), Vermont (8 Dispensaries, 7 websites, 6 emails), Arizona (115 Dispensaries, 115 Websites, 60 Emails), Maine (8 Dispensaries, 8 websites, 7 emails), Michigan (59 Dispensaries, 55 websites, 29 emails), Alaska (68 Dispensaries, 66 websites, 62 emails), Illinois (55 Dispensaries, 55 websites, 52 emails), Nevada (65 Dispensaries, 65 websites, 58 emails), Maryland (60 Dispensaries, 60 websites, 53 emails), New Mexico (79 Dispensaries, 79 websites, 63 emails), Pennsylvania (30 Dispensaries, 29 websites, 28 emails), Hawaii (6 Dispensaries, 6 websites, 6 emails), Florida (52 Dispensaries, 52 websites, 51 emails), Massachusetts (51 Dispensaries, 51 websites, 45 emails), Montana (76 Dispensaries, 72 websites, 63 emails), New Jersey (6 Dispensaries, 6 websites, 6 emails), New York (34 Dispensaries, 34 websites, 28 emails), Texas (1 Dispensary, 1 website, 1 email)





Who Is This List Good For?

Web designers

Many dispensaries have terrible websites. Web designers can use this list to easily find the ones who don’t have websites or companies that need help with their current one.

Edible & Concentrate Companies

Looking to get your products in a dispensary? Maybe you want to send your sales team member out to introduce themselves. This list will make things much easier.

Digital Companies

Do you offer digital products such as a P.O.S or other digital services? Provide this list to your sales team for them to get started right away.

Marketing Consultants

If you offer Marketing Consulting services within the cannabis industry or looking to break into the industry, this is a great way to get ahead of your competition. You will find that many newer dispensaries need help with their web presence.

All Other Markets And Services

Maybe you have an HVAC company or electrical company and want to get started in the industry. Now you have all the dispensaries in your state available at your finger tips. No more searching for countless hours..we already did the work.


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