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Canada Dispensary Lead List

Instantly download an Excel list of 1,862 different dispensaries across the country of Canada. This data will instantly improve your marketing capabilities in this growing sector. You can expect to find the Name, Address, Phone Number, Website, & Email of most retail and medical stores within this file. All of this information is hand collected and verified. See below for exact numbers and information contained within this Dispensary List.


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Different Dispensaries

Emails Addresses

Websites & URLS



Canada Dispensary List – 1,862 Dispensary Leads

How much data is included?

  • 12 Providences
  • 1,862 Dispensaries, Addresses, and Phone Numbers
  • 1,798 Emails (Including duplicates from chain dispensaries)
  • 1,815 URLS (Including duplicates from chain dispensaries)
  • 1832 Phone Numbers


Cannabis Dispensary

Company Name

Know each your potential new client’s company names.

dispensary addresses

Street, City, State, & Zip

Sorted in 4 columns and easy for direct mailing campaigns.

Phone Number

Reach out directly to dispensaries across the USA.

dispensary websites


Send an email via their contact page & understand their needs.

Email Address

Publicly available email address allow for email outreach.


Excel File

Available in 1 main sheet for easy use and separation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions to better help assist you. If you still have any questions you can always use the chat box in the bottom left of your screen to chat directly with us. A real person will answer you back generally within 1-10 minutes.

Can I Import This List Into SalesForce?

Yes! We have formatted this list to assist you in an easy import into your SalesForce.

Do I Get To Keep The Data?

Yes! When you download the file, it’s yours to keep. Most companies give you access to their lists for a fee. We actually provide you the data you purchased. 🙂

Where Was The Data Collected?

We hand collected all the data via Google, Weedmaps, Leafly, and more. All data provided is publicly available

How Often Is The List Updated?

We update the list every couple months. The last update was made 08.30.21.

What Kind Of Stores Are Featured?

All dispensaries contained in this list are licensed Recreational or Medical storefronts with the exceptions of a few delivery only businesses.