CBD Store Lead List

With so many people wanting to get into the CBD industry, our CBD Store Lead List has helped many get their foot into the door. You can instantly download a list of 1,736 different retail stores that sell CBD products. Have a CBD Store Lead List this strong will only strengthen your marketing efforts. See below for exact numbers and information about the data within this Excel file.

About This List

Cannabis Dispensary

Company Name

Know each your potential new client’s company names.

dispensary addresses

Street, City, State, & Zip

Sorted in 4 columns and easy for direct mailing campaigns.

Phone Number

Reach out directly to CBD stores across the USA.

dispensary websites


Send an email via their contact page & understand their needs.

Email Address

Publicly available email address allow for email outreach.


Separated By State

Available in 1 main Sheet and separated into single states.

Different CBD Stores

Emails Addresses
(1071 Unique)

Websites & URLS
(1408 Unique)

(1613 Unique)

Different States
(See FAQ for list of states)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions to better help assist you. If you still have any questions you can always use the chat box in the bottom left of your screen to chat directly with us. A real person will answer you back generally within 1-10 minutes.

Can I Import This List Into SalesForce?

Yes! We have formatted this list to assist you in an easy import into your SalesForce.

How Many States Are Included?
  • Alabama (71 Stores, 57 Emails)
  • Alaska (22 Stores, 19 Emails)
  • Arizona (62 Stores, 55 Emails)
  • Arkansas (39 Stores, 33 Emails)
  • California (107 Stores, 95 Emails)
  • Colorado (61 Stores, 55 Emails)
  • Alabama (71 Stores, 57 Emails)
  • Connecticut (61 Stores, 61 Emails)
  • Florida (51 Stores, 47 Emails)
  • Georgia (29 Stores, 24 Emails)
  • Hawaii (19 Stores, 14 Emails)
  • Idaho (28 Stores, 23 Emails)
  • Illinois (31 Stores, 29 Emails)
  • Indiana (28 Stores, 19 Emails)
  • Iowa (25 Stores, 23 Emails)
  • Kansas (56 Stores, 48 Emails)
  • Kentucky (37 Stores, 31 Emails)
  • Louisiana (27 Stores, 25 Emails)
  • Maine (27 Stores, 24 Emails)
  • Maryland (44 Stores, 39 Emails)
  • Massachusetts (26 Stores, 24 Emails)
  • Michigan (33 Stores, 28 Emails)
  • Minnesota (69 Stores, 61 Emails)
  • Mississippi (45 Stores, 39 Emails)
  • Missouri (33 Stores, 27 Emails)
  • Montana (50 Stores, 42 Emails)
  • Nebraska (41 Stores, 34 Emails)
  • Nevada (25 Stores, 24 Emails)
  • New Hampshire (30 Stores, 16 Emails)
  • New Jersey (28 Stores, 25 Emails)
  • New Mexico (42 Stores, 35 Emails)
  • New York (71 Stores, 62 Emails)
  • North Carolina (37 Stores, 35 Emails)
  • North Dakota (27 Stores, 23 Emails)
  • Ohio (32 Stores, 31 Emails)
  • Oklahoma (29 Stores, 27 Emails)
  • Oregon (28 Stores, 28 Emails)
  • Pennsylvania (33 Stores, 31 Emails)
  • Rhode Island (30 Stores, 27 Emails)
  • South Carolina (27 Stores, 27 Emails)
  • Tennessee (67 Stores, 62 Emails)
  • Texas (81 Stores, 72 Emails)
  • Utah (72 Stores, 63 Emails)
  • Vermont (19 Stores, 19 Emails)
  • Virginia (51 Stores, 48 Emails)
  • Washington (33 Stores, 33 Emails)
  • West Virginia (33 Stores, 29 Emails)
  • Wisconsin (63 Stores, 57 Emails)
  • Wyoming (17 Stores, 16 Emails)
Do I Get To Keep The Data?

Yes! When you download the file, it’s yours to keep. Most companies give you access to their lists for a fee. We actually provide you the data you purchased. 🙂

Where Was The Data Collected?

We hand collected all the data via Google, Yelp, and more. All data provided is publicly available

How Often Is The List Updated?

We update the list every couple months. The last update was made 11.29.20.

What Kind Of Stores Are Featured?

All stores listed within this file either only sell CBD prouducts or sell CBD Products with their normal products.

CBD Store List

Instantly download your express ticket to marketing your product or service to CBD retail store fronts. Once payment is made, you will have a direct download link on the confirmation page as well as an email with an additional download link. Enjoy what we have put together for you and we are happy to make your life easier.


(Added 96 Emails / Removed Some Phone Numbers)


Last Update Made: 08.21.21

If you are looking to sell your services or products to a dispensary in the USA, this Excel list will save you and/or your sales team uncountable hours of work. Within seconds you can have over 4,278 dispensary’s marketing data at your finger tips.

What is this Excel list good for? Direct physical mail campaigns, sales calls, sales email outreach, general research on the market, and more.

What data columns does this Excel list contain?
Company Name

Zip Code
Phone Number
Website (If available)
Email (If available)

How much data is included?
33 States (Medical & Recreational)
5,061 Dispensary Mailing Addresses
5,046 Phone Numbers
4,792 Website Addresses (Including duplicates from chain dispensaries)
4,976 Emails (Including duplicates from chain dispensaries)